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For example, Hill writes:. If two places offered or given be placed under the Equatour, of which the space is sought, then the arke of the difference of latitude, is the same with the arke of the distance, neither doth the verticiall cyrcle differ from the Equatour. For the equator of either place doeth containe the verticiall points, as may appeare in this triangle, noted with. For by so many minutes of a degree, doth a Germain mile answere that the distance shall make. As Ptholomie writeth, of the places under the Equatour. - Auction research

Hill also explains, again in passages drawn from Peucer, how to calculate the distances between cities that differ only in longitude, cities that differ only in latitude, and cities that differ in both longitude and latitude. He gives numerous examples to teach the reader how to make each of these types of calculations. Many, although not all, of these worked examples are taken from Peucer. The longitude of Danske is of The longitude of Lubecke is of The difference of longitude consisteth, of The halfe difference is, of 5.

The distance on earth, betweene Danske and Lubecke, is of 92 Germaine miles, and a halfe. Many of the worked examples were drawn from Peucer, but not all. In fact, Hill's Schoole of Skil has many more examples of calculations of the distances between cities than Peucer's On the size of the earth. One such example was the distance between Trent and Wittenberg:. The longitude of Trydent [Trent] is of The longitude of Viteberge [Wittenberg] is asmuch.

The latitude of Trydent is of The latitude of Viteberge is of These now differ in onlely the latitude, which difference of the latitude is of 6. Germaine miles. So much is the distance almost between Trydent and Viteberge. This was highly charged pairing. Hill calculated the distance between Trent, site of the Council of Trent - , where the Catholic Counter-Reformation began, and Wittenberg, center of the Lutheran Reformation. The geographical distance between. Hill made other modifications for his English readers.

Most of the distances between cities are given in German miles, and Hill included a conversion: four German miles were approximately equal to twenty-two English miles. These distances are given in English miles, and these examples are not in Peucer's book. Of the four spheres we have examined, this English example is the most changed from Sacrobosco's original text. Like the French sphere, it is heavily based on Latin books, but Hill transformed two texts of Peucer in significant ways, rearranging the material and combining it in new ways for his English readers.

Hill and Jaggard both emphasized the utility of cosmological knowledge, in the title, the preface and the text itself. Hill gave special prominence to geographic knowledge and its applications. His series of worked examples of the distances between different cities constituted a set of. These four examples suggest that the Sphere played a greater role in European intellectual life than has hitherto been recognized. The Sphere was widely read, in Latin and in multiple European vernaculars, especially in the age of print.

It was not confined to a small elite of university students, but broadly disseminated. This was especially true of vernacular editions, which were accessible to those who could read their native tongue, but not necessarily Latin. The numerous sphere translations were part of a dramatic expansion in scientific literature in various European languages in the sixteenth century. Both translators and printers played crucial roles in the production and dissemination of scientific texts in the vernacular. Translators might be interested in making astronomical information available to a broader audience like Heinfogel and des Bordes , or they might be interested in enhancing their own and their family's reputation like the Dantis , or they might be men who wrote for a living like Hill.

Printers made key choices about what to print and in what format. Their decisions were motivated primarily by economic considerations. If they were to be successful and indeed if they were to remain financially solvent , printers had to be shrewd judges of the book market. Many printers throughout Europe found translations of the Sphere to be a sensible and worthwhile investment, and they sought to make their editions as attractive as possible to potential buyers.

For different reasons then, translators and printers worked to make the Sphere appealing and accessible to a broad audience. They added material to bring the text up-to-date, correcting both astronomical and geographical information. One of the main ways that a sixteenth-century person could learn about voyages of exploration or astronomical discoveries was by reading a sphere.

At the same time, translators and printers promised their readers that their spheres offered not just interesting information, but useful knowledge that might be turned to practical benefit. Vernacular spheres offer a unique window into the meanings and uses of astronomical knowledge for diverse groups of readers. It is our pleasure to thank the many individuals who assisted us during our research and writing.

First and foremost, Peter Barker read several drafts of this article. He and two anonymous readers for the JHA helped us both sharpen our arguments and avoid several errors. Sarah Werner and Jane Wickersham shared their expertise in respectively sixteenth-century English and sixteenth-century Italian history and culture and supplied us with many useful references.

James Burnes contributed to our earliest conversations about this project and helped shape its final form. She is currently working on a book about Sacrobosco's Sphere. Leila McNeill is an educator for primary prevention of sexual assault and domestic violence in Texas. She also is a freelance science history writer with an upcoming publication about women science popularizers of the nineteenth century. Amy Rodgers is a PhD student in the History of Science at the University of Oklahoma, with research specialties in medicine and literature in 19th and 20th century Britain and America.

She is currently the editorial assistant for Technology and Culture and also works as a freelance editor. Her current research examines climate, identity, and technological innovation in 20th century Canada. We know of no comparable bibliography of manuscript editions. Herrmann zum Geburtstag Frankfurt am Main: Harri Deutsch, , and.

We base this estimate on the number of vernacular editions in Roberto de Andrade Martins's on-line bibliography ref. However, this bibliography does not include English translations of the Sphere and may miss some other editions as well. Our title alludes to Owen Gingerich's ironic description of Copernicus' De revolutionibus Thorndike, The Sphere of Sacrobosco ref. James Lattis's study of the Jesuit Christopher Clavius's commentary on Sacrobosco's Sphere illustrates how the Sphere was used to introduce new ideas and information about the cosmos.

See James M. We provide further examples below. The history of the book has a voluminous literature. We use the masculine and feminine deliberately. Not all printers or readers were men, a point we document in this essay. Pascal Duris Pessac: Maiso des sciences de l'homme d'Aquitaine, , , p. Miriam U. See also Kathleen Crowther-Heyck, "Wonderful secrets of nature: natural knowledge and religious piety in Reformation Germany" Isis xciv , Deborah E. We have consulted all four editions in the British.

Library, and the edition at the University of Oklahoma. There is a transcription of the edition in Hamel, Studien zur "Sphaera" ref. There were two Portuguese sphaeras printed in , but we have not been able to consult these. Tractado da Spera do mundo tyrada de latim em liguoagem.


Lisboa: Herman de Campos, ca. There were at least three Portuguese and nine Spanish editions of the Sphere in the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries. Many of these translations included practical applications of astronomical knowledge for navigators as well as information gained by Europeans from voyages of exploration and colonization. These Iberian spheres will be the subject of a future article.

The first and the most well known of these was the Deutsche Sphaera German Sphere , by Konrad von Megenberg - Lang, and Francis B. Niemeyer, The second was the Puchlein von der Spera Booklet on the Sphere by an anonymous translator. For biographical information see Francis B. It is not clear when Heinfogel gained this appointment, but in the edition of Sphera materialis, he describes himself as "Magistri Conradts Heinfogels von Nuremberg.

Bernhard Ebneth, "Sebastian II. Sperantius," in Neue Deutsche Biographie 24 , In hoc opere haec co[n]tinentur noua translatioprimi libri Geographiae Cl. Ptolomaei: quae quidem translatio verbum: habet e verbo fideliter expressum Nuremberg: Johannes Stuchs, Avii verso ref. Unless otherwise noted, all translations are our own. This passage is also found at the end of the edition, but not in the or editions. Iii ref. Kii verso ref. K verso ref. There is very little biographical information on Guillaume des Bordes. He describes himself on the title page of his translation of the Sphere as a "professor of mathematics," and we presume, because of his ties to Cavellat, that he was affiliated with the University of Paris.

See M. Cavellat and Marnef together published editions in and Guillaume Cavellat died in or , and his widow Denise took over the business. Denise Cavellat published two editions of the French Sphere on her own in and Another Parisian printer, Jacques Quesnel, published a final edition in Publication information is based in part on catalog searches, as we have not had access to all six editions. We have consulted digitized versions of the , and editions in the database Early European Books Online. At least half of those, according to Renouard, could be labeled as "mathematics," which included astronomy, cosmology, and similar disciplines.

Renouard identifies ten different Sphere editions published by Cavellat between and his alliance with de Marnef in ; at least seven more follow. Renouard, Imprimeurs et libraires parisiens ref. For biographical information on Vinet, see Louis Desgraves, Elie Vinet, humaniste de Bordeaux : Vie, bibliographie, correspondence, bibliotheque Geneva: Droz, For an English translation ofthis highly influential preface, see Philip Melanchthon, "Preface to On the Sphere " in Orations on philosophy and education, ed.

Kusukawa, trans. Salazar Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, , On the widespread use of Melanchthon's preface, see Gingerich, "Sacrobosco as a textbook" ref. Nearly every Cavellat edition of the Sphere, regardless of language, had some version of this preface without concealing its Protestant origins until around , after which it was printed anonymously.

See Isabelle Pantin, "Teaching mathematics and astronomy in France" ref. The same woodcuts are also used repeatedly starting around The original contract has been lost, but its terms were recorded on an updated contract following Guillaume Cavellat's death in Using marriages to unify publishing houses was a common feature of the European print world. See Johns, The nature of the book ref. Des Bordes helped Cavellat condense complicated figures for Stoffler's treatise on the astrolabe in , and continued to contribute in a similar capacity until the s. Renouard, Imprimeurs et libraires parisiens, p.

Aii ref. Giacomotto-Charra analyzes the differences between des Bordes's translation and the only earlier French version, translated in by Martin Perer. She notes that Perer's translation was "largely too close to the Latin text. Giacomotto-Charra, "Entre traduction et vulgarization" ref. As an example of how this works in the text, consider one of the annotations to the section on the rotundity of the heavens: "And as God is without beginning and end, it is to be assumed that in creating the heavens He gave them a round shape, because this is the figure in which you can recognize neither the beginning nor the end.

Philippe Renouard calls des Bordes' Sphere annotations "abridged" from Vinet's. Combien auBi trouvera on de Colonies d'aultres Espagnolz soubz la mesme zone brulante vers Occident? References to Peuerbach on fols. We have consulted all three editions at the University of Oklahoma, and a digitized version of the edition available on Google Books. There is some confusion over the dating of the first edition.

The date on the title page is , while the date on the colophon is There are listings for editions of both and in on-line databases like WorldCat, but we believe these are actually the same. Unless otherwise noted, all quotes are from the edition. Pascoli, Vite de pittori ref. She is the only female artist in Pascoli's book.

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This entry has been translated in Julia K. Dabbs ed. Some on-line sources on Egnatio Danti include information on his aunt Teodora, but the information seems to derive ultimately from Pascoli's book although it is not cited. It is also possible that Pascoli's dates are wrong. Egnatio's dedication is to Diomede della Corgna , the Marchese di Castiglione, a Perugian nobleman. In addition to his aunt, Egnatio mentions his father Giulio in this preface.

Egnatio Pellegrino Rainaldi " in Complete dictionary of scientific biography, Vol. The following discussion of the obliquity of the ecliptic and trepidation is drawn from Jerzy Dobrzycki, "The theory of precession in medieval astronomy," in idem, Selected papers on medieval and renaissance astronomy, ed.

Jaroslaw Wlodarczyk and Richard L. Trepidation refers more broadly to a model of the precession of the equinoxes, of which the oscillation in size of the obliquity of the ecliptic was a part. For a fuller discussion, see Dobrzycki, "Theory of precession" ref. On Toscanelli, see G. Detroit: Charles Scribner's Sons, , Vignaud discusses this particular annotation in Danti's La Sfera on pp.

Orderly set forth according to art, with apt figures and proportions in their proper places, by Tho. Hill London: Printed by T. Iudson, for W. Iaggard, We have used the reproduction of the copy in the Henry E. This copy is lacking some pages, and is assembled incorrectly pages are out of order. How to write Barrel organ arrangements and a particular genre of poetry. Please note: All these street organ arrangements are home-made. Contact me if you want a custom arrangement for your own street organ, musical box, barrel piano, or whatever.

Lyrics or translations can be displayed live on a screen, karaoke-style. Pablow the blowfish Miley Cyrus en Almost as good as Fluffy. Video, possibly from another time or person: Shibboleth Reginald Pikedevant Brief ditty on the onomastic pitfalls of the United Kingdom. Club Super 3 ca Catalan birthday song, obligatory fare during school gigs in and around Barcelona. Video, possibly from another time or person: My pervert doppelganger Momus en Best song to mention Smithfield market, 'where refrigerated lorries unload dead cows. Someone asked for it once.

Advantage: I don't sing. Carloons in the Anguish languish Doc Clay en Thrill your friends with a homophonic carol service featuring classics like 'Oh, ladle down off Bath lay him' and 'Shingled hells'. Fay was last seen playing singing saw with Robert Crumb. A sentimental cult has grown up around Wilmink, but he did some very good stuff.

Super Mario Sheep Mashup created for an agricultural theatre event. Theme from Terminator Next project: Arnie-style organ. With the pop sonnet by Erik Didriksen. Video, possibly from another time or person: Hit me with your rhythm stick Ian Dury en Tropical stylee. Waltz, apparently stolen from Trentino in the Tyrol - see the links. See also John Grubb, St. George for England. An hini a garan Trad. The video is of another piece.

Gerard Benson was one of the figures behind London's Poems on the Underground. Long, long ago before time had begun, the moon lost a pebble and away through space it spun, in the world far below only water could be seen, it sank down to the bottom and it lay there like a dream. Probably unintentionally, its theme is similar to Brecht's Mother Courage, but the treatment is more startling and profound.

Cutler's songs are both for and about children. A boxing classic to be. Darling, will you marry me twice? Ivor Cutler en Cartesian doctrine in micro format. One-note samba demo version en Used in how-the-organ-works talks. Evocative not only of the pre-nationalist-socialist ghetto, but also of a world still subconsciously recalled by Dutch wedding and light musicians.

My translation. Three little piggies are snoring in bed, and they're all dreaming about something different. Doctor Kitch Lord Kitchener en A girl asks a doctor for an injection, but his needle's very big and she moves a lot, and the penicillin ends up in the wrong hole. Hungarian Goulash No. Pumpernickel is also associated with Westphalia. Legendary tonguetwister. Little boxes 'Ticky tacky' Malvina Reynolds en We all look just the same. What will Mother Duck give her ducklings to eat now dad refuses to work and the market is so expensive?

Vowel education from Cri-Cri, an incredibly popular children's series. Pidgin English highlife from post-independence Ghana, now with extra verse about deflation. Useful for introducing basic economics to small beings. The super supper march Dr. A woman in love Frank Loesser Modified transcription of a broken-down French organ-grinder's version of this Broadway standard.

I know an old lady who swallowed a fly Burl Ives en I think she'll die. Lita Roza's version was Maggie Thatcher's favourite song. The old dope pedlar Tom Lehrer en When happiness is a powder, from the well-known Harvard mathematician. Sunshine and his Guitar Pickers en Bananas Machito en nl ca The mambo king indulges in a bit of self-parody. Available in English, Catalan or Dutch. Video, possibly from another time or person: Time to go home Andy Pandy Maria Bird en We didn't have a telly, but for some reason it's still familiar.

Video, possibly from another time or person: Don't laugh at me, cause I'm a fool Norman Wisdom en A hit by a minor British star dearly loved by Albanians during the dictatorship. Joe Louis was a fighting man The Dixieaires en Another boxing number. Abruzzo forte e gentile Tommaso Coccione it Instrumental from a popular 30s Italian musician. Yo tengo un moco Trad. When you get off, will you be able to stand up? Allegedly the only major popular music chart hit in the United States written by a Chinese composer.

Video, possibly from another time or person: All I want for Christmas is my two front teeth Spike Jones en A little girl's terrible lisp is caused by her insufficient dentition. Works well at primary schools and dental conferences. Hawaii Mary J. Tragedy of a Dutch colonial ship's boy who misses his mum but doesn't know how to tell her. Illegitimate offspring of Thackeray's maritime parody? That's all folks Looney Toons It's raining, it's pouring Trad. Appears as Todd's new ringtone in Breaking Bad. Bixio it More organ-grinder nostalgia. With her head tucked underneath her arm Rudy Vallee en Comic Anne Boleyn ghost song Leaning on a lamp-post George Formby en Surprisingly well-known on 21st century London streets.

Guide to the Vahdah Olcott-Bickford Collection, 1800-2008

Even better than the Tornerai Monteverdi puts into Poppea's mouth. Jones, it shall be lawful for the same to give the Treasury his name, and say 'Upon sufficient grounds I want about a hundred pounds': and there shall not be any fuss concerning sums expended thus. Wunderbar Zarah Leander en ? Featured in Yuriy Norshteyn's stunning Tale of Tales.

Because that's how the sisters sang. Youkali Kurt Weill fr Possibly the best tango ever. Zuiderzee Louis Davids nl The consequences of the construction of the Afsluitdijk dam, which turned the Zuyder Zee from a North Sea inlet into a fresh-water lake. Dutch frogs are a sight for sore eyes.

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Doris the goddess of wind Douglas Byng en ? From his royal campness. Zeg, Roodkapje, waar ga je heen? Red Riding Hood, in Dutch, now with a Spanish version. Seven skeletons found in the yard Lord Executor aka Felix Garcia ca.

La gallina Papanatas Monreal es Mexican corrido about a prolific hen. It's got the snappiest syncopation. A companion piece to the Dutch electricity workers' union song, Op naar het licht. It's a long way from amphioxus Philip H. Pope en Evolution, sung to Tipperary: Well, it's goodbye to fins and gill slits, and it's welcome lungs and hair!

Their number is lucky. Video, possibly from another time or person: On the sunny side of the street en Foxtrot Five foot two, eyes of blue Henderson en Foxtrot Panpipe call used by an itinerant French pot-mender and pig-gelder in Galicia Trad. Ambulant moped-chain-powered knife-grinders in Barcelona and other Mediterranean cities still use panpipes as advertising medium, but with less sophistication. Had je me maar Louis Davids nl Song that provided the nickname for the Dutch anarchist politician, Cornelis de Gelder.

Toccata No. The video shows the Bolshoi dancing my arrangement. Ends with one of my favourite children's songs. Video, possibly from another time or person: Ballad of Lydia Pinkham en ? Sports et divertissements Erik Satie en A selection, in English. Alludes to the foundational myth of the Danubian country. Anti-folky version. England and America.

The clean song Trad. She moved through the fair Trad. Stivell's version famously floated the melody over the accompaniment. Incy wincy spider Trad. It's as if the arranger located Valencia on the east coast of Asia instead of that of Spain. Harris en He plays for a small girl in life and death: She's going to die. Please sir, don't cry. Happy birthday to you en es ca I believe I can sing this now without being sued by copyright lawyers. Video, possibly from another time or person: Paternal. About the great Italian emigration late C19th - s.

Often used with children. Should 'America' now be replaced by 'London'? Cento lire io te le do, ma in America no no no! Trenta giorni di nave a vapore Thirty days in a steamship Anon it ? About the great Italian emigration to the Americas beginning in the late C19th. Whip and spur Thomas S. Allen Morning, ladies. Th' owd knocker-iup Henry Yates 'Tansy Tuft' en s?

The knocker-up Anon How did factory workers get out of bed before alarm clocks? Ride of the Valkyries Wagner Kazoo special. Softly awakes my heart Saint-Saens fr With Swanee whistle. Noi de la mare Trad. Hunt en Some guy's girlfriend, a banjoist, eloped with one. References Babbage and Bass's campaign against organ grinders. Daar kom die Alibama Trad.

Video, possibly from another time or person: Anem al treball P. Row, row, row your boat Trad. Set to a lively tune. Games and dances Video, possibly from another time or person: k Zag twee beren nl ? There are also Catalan and Italian versions, but the best are the Portuguese Nau Catarineta, sung ceremonially in parts of Brazil, and the Dutch Ketelbinkie.

I believe the latter is also based on Thackeray. Ralph Steadman did a nice piratey version. The teetotallers Rev. Cease, ye noisy Minstrels, cease Anon en Splendidly awful poem about street performers. The Famous Battle of Waterloo Anon. Twinkle, twinkle, little star Trad. Polly put the kettle on Trad. O du lieber Augustin de Hot cross buns Trad.

God save our Kaiser! Zedlitz de Austrian imperial anthem with lyrics in use around during the reign of Franz I. Accompanies the story 'Diogenes with his barrel-organ. Some busts are for ever. Tom, Tom, the piper's son Trad. Budget day John Freeth Government debt and a spendthrift establishment, but will posterity pay? Herr Bacchus Anon de en ?

Comparisons with Apollo in a drinking song! Abendlied Matthias Claudius de Der Mond ist aufgegangen American liberty song, with parody, and parody of that parody Tune: hearts of oak. Rock-a-bye baby Trad. How can you rejoice wihout kazoos? Oranges and lemons Trad. Games and dances Mary, Mary, quite contrary en lyrics Hickory dickory dock Trad. Sing a song of sixpence Trad.

Baa, baa, black sheep Trad. With added chicken noises Little Jack Horner Trad. Pat a cake, pat a cake, baker's man Trad. Features angels singing like organs and marmottes. Abridged translation into English. Great song: Young man, I think you're dying. Not to be confused with the Leon Rosselson song made famous by Billy Bragg. Lead: My belly I do defy. Echo: Fie! O Jesulein mild! Georg Christian Schemelli de en O little one sweet, O little one mild, thy Father's purpose thou hast fulfilled.

Heer Jesus heeft een hofken daer schoon bloemen staen Anon nl Lord Jesus has a garden with beautiful flowers Version of Elvis Costello's version of the traditional version sung by Alfred Deller. The willow song Trad. Ding dong bell, pussy's in the well Trad. Naar de versie voor Dubbele Biphone die door de Leidse politie in in beslag werd genomen en in voor het eerst opnieuw werd uitgevoerd.

A frog he would a wooing go Trad. Translated excerpt from a Low German saga in which a puritanical rooster-man drives a fun-loving monkey-man out of Strasbourg Cathedral. The cherry tree carol Trad. Tenor here. Bi ther grete criyng of song, as deschaunt, countre note and orgene, thei ben lettid fro studyinge and prechynge of the gospel. My favourite Reconquista ballad, about the taking of Baeza in The galaxy song Monty Python en This is the extent of my physics.

Video, possibly from another time or person: My uncle's Sunday School en Lighthearted Bible education. My mum used to sing the verse about Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego The Lord provides his children with an asbestos shirt. Pican los mosquitos El payo Juan Manuel es Me duelen los hue The first Nowell en Born is the King of Israel. While shepherds en Washed their socks by night. Its a poem! By the way: para el caso; la pintura de los monos creo que. Purchases on this site are processed securely by PayPal. George, the dragon, and other monsters; Christmas Repertoire by theme Weird, maritime, industrial, London, self-referential, economics, ballad, animal, dance, migration The seven ages of man From the cradle to the grave, focusing on songs for children, and about love, war, and death Audio excerpts Virtual samples from the organ-grinder's repertoire Suggestions How to write A telling fragment from one of my favourite contemporary poets.

Pablow the blowfish. Almost as good as Fluffy. Video, possibly from another time or person: Shibboleth. Brief ditty on the onomastic pitfalls of the United Kingdom. Lady Java. Anys i anys Catalan birthday song, obligatory fare during school gigs in and around Barcelona. Gacela del amor imprevisto. Quasi-Japanese shit for your miniskirt moods. Video, possibly from another time or person: My pervert doppelganger. Best song to mention Smithfield market, 'where refrigerated lorries unload dead cows. Miss van Houten's Coffee Shoppe.

Great number from the wild man of Wivenhoe's Off White Album. The heart asks pleasure first. From The Piano. Carloons in the Anguish languish. Thrill your friends with a homophonic carol service featuring classics like 'Oh, ladle down off Bath lay him' and 'Shingled hells'. Video, possibly from another time or person: George is my horse. Simple verse structure suitable for imitative improvisation.

Video, possibly from another time or person: Emigranten. Mooi was die tijd. I can get along without you. Great ballad from the kings of London pub rock Naar de speeltuin. Kleine jodeljongen. Fungus the Bogeyman. Inspired in some fashion by Raymond Briggs' graphic novel.

Super Mario Sheep. Mashup created for an agricultural theatre event. Theme from Terminator. Next project: Arnie-style organ. Ik verscheurde je foto. Estoy tocando fondo.

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astrolog anna habich Astrolog anna habich
astrolog anna habich Astrolog anna habich
astrolog anna habich Astrolog anna habich
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