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Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, and Aquarius

They may put a lot of energy into creating something, and then lose interest and move on to a new activity or project without reaping the tangible rewards of what they have already done. People with a lot of Planets in Earth signs and few in Air can get bogged down with repetitive patterns. They need an Air person around them to provide the insights that can help them break free to reach the next level. Having more placements in the mental realm Earth and Air Signs indicates an individual who makes decisions based on rational considerations, logic, and practicality rather than emotional promptings.

What are the Air Signs? Then they begin to worry and, upon occasion, can become almost paranoid. Their fears begin to loom out of proportion when faced with the reality of the situation. I need to remember to gather my tax records for the year! Air people need the comfort of Earth people to help them stay relaxed, confident and grounded in their bodies — and in reality. What are the Earth signs? Earth is the practical portion of the mind and is concerned with tangible results rather than intangible ideas.

Earth people — those with four or more Planets placed in Earth Signs — do NOT think in abstractions, and consider endless theoretical discussions to be a complete waste of their time. If a person has many planets in EARTH signs, their practical approach to life insures that they will make adequate material preparations for the future. Our presence in this life is a consequence of natural law, however subtle.

Our purpose is to advance the iteration of the fractal march of the information axis of the Universe, helping the Universe become aware of itself and experience itself with increasing sensitivity and understanding, and to explore new creative modes. Teilhard De Chardin in his prophetic book "The Phenomenon of Man" saw this process evolving indefinitely toward an "Omega Point" of universal awareness and connection at the apex of the information axis of the Cosmos.

The charge associated with Libra and the weak force is known technically as "number" charge, although I prefer to call it "identity" charge, as the latter term better identifies the function of this important charge or symmetry debt. All elementary particles the leptons carry number charge, which occurs in two forms: 1 a "hidden" form carried by the massive leptons the electron and its kin ; 2 an "explicit" form carried by the nearly massless leptons, or neutrinos. A neutrino is simply the "bare", explicit form of number or identity charge. The relationship between the massive electron, its hidden number charge, and its nearly massless neutrino is analogous to that presumed to exist between the human body and its immortal identity, or "soul".

The reader should refer to the "Particle Table" if the terminology in this article is unfamiliar. Life is the exploration and discovery, through evolution, of the information potential of energy. Breaking the spatial symmetry of non-locality with time produces the gravitational or "location" charge, the fundamental spatial bit of information in the spacetime "hourglass" diagram, specifying a place or location in the otherwise symmetric field of space. Similarly, the identity charge is the fundamental material bit of information in the particle "hourglass" diagram.

The leptonic identity charge seems to carry two basic pieces of information - it specifies the mass of the particle e, u, t, lq and distinguishes between matter and antimatter spin left or spin right ; gravity tells us where this particle or antiparticle is located in spacetime. While we humans tend to think of our personal identity as a complex, emergent property developed over a lifetime of experience, to nature the identity charge of a lepton is one of the most elementary and essential characteristics of matter. Identity, location, dimensionality, composition are four of the most fundamental characteristics of manifestation, producing primary charges number, gravitation, electric, and color charge with which free energy begins to explore its information potential.

Upon such simple foundations is raised the entire edifice of matter. Libra represents the elementary charge of identity, but the concept of identity in an organism as complex as a human has many ramifications. In humans, "identity" is individual personality and much more. An individual's identity may include membership in a religion religious "citizenship" , where we also find the concept of a personal, immortal, spiritual identity or "soul".

In government, we find the variable concept of "citizen", a legal unit of individuality to which the State grants certain rights, liabilities, and responsibilities, and from which the State requires certain duties. Finally, because of our biology, human identity is inextricably intertwined with family and gender. The family, like the individual citizen, becomes a legal entity of the state through marriage, marriage law, and various aspects of family law regarding kinship, minors, extended families, in-laws, joint property, inheritance, adoption, divorce, numbers of wives, the naming and registering of children, responsibilities of parents, out-of-wedlock children, abortion, contraception, "deviant" sexual practices, age of marriage and consent, etc.

The state has a vested interest in family law since this is the means by which it can gain some control over the reproductive behavior of its citizens, and hope to exert some control over the size and reproductive health of its population. It is through the legal system and the courts that the individual and the family are legitimized or incorporated into the structure of the state as the "quantum units" of its population, named, numbered, and identified at birth, death, and by census, endowed with certain privileges and burdened with certain duties.

Libra and the Legal System thus represent the general interface between the State society as a legal institution and the Individual. We are not hatched from eggs, and a person's identity is ultimately derived from an extended family of many generations. Biologically, we are a species with both an elaborate family and social structure, and we suffer with all higher animals the strange division of our organism into two genders, such that for reproductive purposes at least, it requires two individuals, a male and a female, to form a complete unit of our species.

Hence the completion of our identity seems to require the union of two very different individuals, and it is only through such a union that our genetic identity can survive our death, transformed and transferred to our children through the reproductive process.

Thus it is through our families that our identity is conceived, legalized, nurtured, raised, completed, transfigured, and immortalized. In the process of marriage, not only are two individuals joined, but their families as well. Hence people may marry for money and status as well as for love and reproduction. The symbol of Libra is the balance, the planetary "ruler" of Libra is Venus, planet of love, harmony, and beauty. Hence the scales of Libra refer not only to judicial equity, but to equity in marriage, the source of true happiness.

No one who has ever experienced romantic love "pair bonding" can doubt that it is anything less than a merger of the mental, emotional, and spiritual identities of two individuals, the reunion ecstasy of an anciently divided biological unit. It is of course through an equivalent merger of physical genetic identity that children are produced to carry on the conjoined family lines.

For humans, the family is the conservation domain of identity, which is why it remains, and must remain, the fundamental unit of human social structure. In turn, society is the conservation domain of the family, and flourishes only to the degree it serves that purpose. Biologically, it is the genes of DNA which carry the physical units of identity, and only the genes are physically conserved from one generation to the next, our bodies simply serving to carry them through time and space from one reproductive transformation to the next.

Genes are essentially immortal; we still have some from our bacterial ancestors. Libra and Religion - the soul as the identity conserved through the institution of religion. Religion is a unique and ubiquitous feature of the human condition, evidently an emergent product of: 1 our intellectual capacity for abstract and symbolic thought; 2 our emotional capacity for awe - at the beauty, size, power, and overall magnificence of nature; 3 our intuitive and our rational recognition of natural order; 4 our foreknowledge and fear of death; 5 our instinct for self-preservation and the preservation of our personal identity.

Religion offers us an escape from death by conserving our personal identity as the "spiritual", immaterial, and therefore immortal "soul". The "salvation" of the soul is equivalent to the conservation of personal identity, and the supposed relationship between the body and the soul is the exact equivalent of the actual relationship between the massive leptons and their identity-conserving neutrinos. The reproductive drive is of course the natural response to the threat of death and personal extinction - survival is achieved through the genes of our children. In renouncing physical reproduction, the celibate monastic orders demonstrate their faith in the conservation of a spiritual identity, or personal "soul".

The evolution of a personal identity so powerful that it demands immortality is a curiosity in itself. Of what value is such an exquisite identity if it only produces anxiety in the organism which embodies it? It must have a deeper purpose; perhaps it simply signals the cognitive awakening of our species to the grand connectivity, or spiritual character, of the Universe. Libra and the identity charge are one of the four central, structural, and organizing elements of the human condition as represented in the "hourglass" or "Grail" diagrams.

The Libran element represents the Jurist, the courts and the legal system of a society. On the personal and family level, Libra represents the individual and the family as a recognized, legal, and legitimized structural element in society. Libra also represents justice, equity, and the legal rights of individuals and families in society the "citizen", "legal" marriage, "legitimate" children, individual, women's, and human rights, citizen's rights, our "Bill of Rights", the rights of the individual vs the rights of society, etc. Libra and Capricorn appear together at the center of the particle hourglass, indicating an especially close relationship, the analog of that between Aries and Leo in the spacetime diagram.

Libra represents the courts and justice legal system, while Capricorn represents secular or religious government in both its lawmaking and bureaucratic capacities. Historically, the structure of government has been derived from the structure of the family; until very recently the family, in terms of a royal family Leo , and an associated military Aries , in fact were the government.

Even in our system, however, charismatic and wealthy families such as the Kennedys, Rockefellers, and Roosevelts have dramatically influenced the nation. How the charismatic identity of great individual leaders, both political and religious, famous and infamous, plays so successfully upon our social behavior remains an unanswered but intriguing question.

My guess is that it has to do with the connection between family and government - charismatic social leaders are emotionally or intuitively perceived as parental figures, who therefore touch our own identities and enlarge them by association. Socially, Capricorn refers to the Constitution, the laws, the government, the lawmaking body parliament, congress, etc. Capricorn is the sign of boundaries, rules, regulation, and confinement. It represents the social order, its structure and infrastructure, and its regulatory effect upon the lives of ordinary citizens.

Capricorn is ruled by the planet Saturn, whose rings, like the wedding band, symbolize boundaries and the regulation of behavior. There is a collective system identity associated with Capricorn, beginning, perhaps, with the postulated leptoquark neutrino, the alternative carrier for baryon identity charge. Humans likewise experience a collective system identity both in their persons and their families, and find more examples in community, tribal, social, and national identities. Collective system identity arises in the evolution of life with the first enclosed cells, which must compete for limited resources and individual survival.

A moment's reflection will give us to understand that in any composite or social entity, "law and order" is the essential ingredient of not just stability, but existence itself. Imagine, for example, the game of tennis played without rules; it becomes clear that the game is the rules. Imagine driving a car without any traffic laws; or imagine how the human body could maintain itself if its cells, organs, and molecular systems obeyed no rules of systemic organization.

Elements Qualities Polarities – Astrology Lesson 7

Without Capricorn, society dissolves into anarchy and riot, with every man fighting for his own survival. The Universe, above all else, is a lawful domain; indeed, the Universe is nothing but the manifestation and evolutionary product of natural law. All this systemic law and order is represented by Capricorn, the Good Shepherd, the Leader of the flock. Capricorn is identified with the color charge of the strong force. Color charge refers to the force which holds the quarks together in baryons, the class of heavy particles containing 3 quarks, familiar to us as the neutrons and protons of atomic nuclei.

In the particle Grail diagram, Capricorn is identified with the color charge of the leptoquark, the very massive progenitor of the baryons.

Air Sign Compatibility: How to Love an Intellectual Butterfly

Like electric charge, which is either positive, neutral, or negative, there are three types of color charge red, green, blue - names of convenience only, not real colors which can also be thought of as positive, neutral, and negative - but unlike electrical charge, color charges are always attractive. Each quark carries a color charge which it exchanges with the colors of the other quarks via a field of "gluons", virtual particles which consist of a color-anticolor charge, in any combination.

There are nine color-anticolor combinations possible, but one of them green-antigreen is doubly neutral, so there are effectively only eight force carrying combinations in the gluon field. Gluons are massless vector bosons force-carrying particles traveling at velocity C and have been compared to "sticky light". The constant exchange of color charges between the three quarks via the gluon field holds the baryon together. Neutrons and protons were once thought to be elementary particles but upon closer inspection they have turned out to be very complicated composites.

Because the gluon field is composed of color-anticolor charges in every combination, it can be seen that in total it must sum to zero color. This condition underlies the experimental observation and hypothesis termed "asymptotic freedom" - as the quarks move closer together, they are less tightly bound by the strong force and move more freely since under compression the color field begins to physically sum toward zero ; conversely, as quarks move further apart repelled by their partial electric charges and the quantum mechanical repulsion due to Pauli's exclusion principle , they move less freely and are increasingly constrained by the strong force the color field becomes more explicit as it expands, since it becomes less self-neutralizing.

The color charge exists in principle to protect symmetry and charge conservation from the threat of free-roaming partial or fractional quantum units of electric charge, which could not be neutralized. Hence the force becomes stronger as quarks expand, threatening to become free, and weakens "asymptotic freedom" as quarks contract, reducing the threat to whole quantum units of charge, and by implication, to charge and symmetry conservation.

Like the elastic pull of a rubber band, the strong force gets stronger with distance, quite the opposite of gravitational or electrical forces. One can see that the gluons will have more and more difficulty completing their round-robin charge exchange at the fixed speed of light as the distance they must travel between quarks increases; this is the mechanical reason for the increase in binding strength with distance.

So a balance is struck between the ability of the gluon field to complete its rounds at velocity c, and the strength of the repulsive forces, this balance determining the size limit of the baryon. The baryon exists in a continuous state of tension, like a strung bow quivering under the influence of both repulsive and contractile forces. The world of matter could not exist without baryons and the quarks of which they are composed.

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All particles, whether baryons or leptons, are created in particle-antiparticle pairs, but only baryon pairs can escape the matter-antimatter annihilation reactions of the electrical force. Because baryons are composite particles, the internal arrangement of their quarks, which bear electrical charges in fractional quantum units, can sum to electrical neutrality. Hence only electrically neutral leptoquark-antileptoquark pairs can escape immediate electrical annihilation, allowing time for one of them to decay via the "X" IVB and the leptoquark neutrino , leaving the other "hung" without an annihilation partner.

The necessity for electrical neutrality in the creation process is the reason why the mass field of the quarks must be composed of multiple, sub-elementary units. The character and behavior of the gluon field suggests that baryons originate as "fractured" elementary leptons "leptoquarks". Here we must understand the crucial difference between a leptoquark and a baryon: the leptoquark is simply a baryon whose quarks have been crowded so closely together that the color charges they carry neutralize each other, summing completely to zero the end-point of "asymptotic freedom".

These crowded internal conditions are simply the consequence of the extreme external pressures of the initial instant of creation, the "Big Bang" today such pressures are found only in black holes or in the massive "X" IVB of the weak force. It is just this color neutrality combined with electrical neutrality which allows the leptonic decay of one member of a leptoquark-antileptoquark pair. The mutual repulsion of the quarks in the surviving leptoquark drives them apart, revealing the color charge, hence trapping the baryon forever in the time dimension, since with an explicit color charge it can no longer undergo an annihilating leptonic decay via the heavy X - because the leptoquark neutrino cannot cancel color charge.

The isolated leptoquark quickly expanding to a heavy baryon can undergo only a partial leptonic decay via the much lighter W to the ground state proton. This is the probable path of the birth of matter into the Cosmos, the asymmetric decay of matter-antimatter pairs of electrically and color-neutral leptoquarks. Just why the leptoquarks decay asymmetrically the effect is very small, on the order of 1 part per ten billion is not understood.

There may be an asymmetry in the X, in the leptoquarks themselves, in the time dimension or value of G between matter and antimatter, or in some other unknown parameter. The final products of leptoquark decay are the familiar protons, neutrons, electrons, and neutrinos of ordinary atomic matter, all produced by the primordial interaction of the strong and weak force with high-energy light. Matter is an asymmetric form of energy that exists without an antimatter partner - thanks to the asymmetric decays of the leptoquark pairs, the X, W, IVBs and their leptonic field of elementary, alternative charge carriers.

The problem the Universe must now solve is how to return its energy content to the symmetric form of light in the absence of antimatter, a process guided by the charges of matter which are the symmetry debts of light , and whose initial stages we see underway in our Sun, for one example. The combination of Capricorn-Libra is both curious and instructive.

We have on the one hand the planet Saturn ruler of Capricorn , the symbol of law, order, and regulation, and on the other the planet Venus ruler of Libra , symbol of love, harmony, beauty, and symmetry. The message here is unambiguous - harmony, symmetry, balance, beauty - all are aspects of a lawful environment. Modern telescopes have revealed Saturn to be the most beautiful planet of the solar system. Everyone who has experienced the blessings of a harmonious family life and a peaceful, productive society will understand this message of beauty combined with stability and harmony within the law.

Humanity seems to be driven to build and develop at a social level of organization that goes far beyond our need to provide shelter for our families or simply put food in our mouths. Other animals do not "overshoot the mark" in terms of supplying their basic needs as humans do, especially modern humans. Perhaps most of the excess stems from our need for self-defense, in competition with other "overachieving" societies an "arms race", whether implicit or explicit. Some of this excess relates to our religious sense, a desire to please the gods, a quest for immortality; some of it is the vanity of Kings, governments, and the wealthy; some of it serves the greed of commerce and industry.

Behind all this is the real need to provide a physical structure for the purpose of social organization. The creation of cities follows the development of agriculture and a settled rather than nomadic way of life; with agriculture comes the capacity for the production of surplus food, energy, and commercial goods, and this results in population growth. The accumulation of surplus wealth and population dramatically increases the need for social regulation, defense, sanitation, planning, etc.

The city develops as the seat of wealth, social authority, and defense, the residence of the king, parliament, courts, religious leaders, and the military. This is the development of the "Capitol", Citadel, and City-State, the physical center of social authority, power, wealth and population of a region, state, empire, or even as in the case of Rome - the "eternal city" a civilization.

The rise of the city as the nucleus of social organization recapitulates the development of the biological nucleus in the organization of cellular life, and parallels the general development of massive centers of organization at every level of system expression. Central organization is the "least energy" solution to social organization. Cities arise and flourish because they are the most efficient means of accomplishing this necessary end.

The message of Taurus, however, is not limited to the efficiency of concentration, but includes as well a necessary diversity of many stable nuclear configurations; and as we see in the radioactive elements and the decay of our largest cities , even the virtue of community has natural limits. Taurus and Libra are both ruled by the planet Venus, symbol of symmetry, balance, beauty, and equity, principles which apply with equal validity to the construction of a marriage, family, public building, bridge, or city. There is a wonderful phrase in our national hymn, "America the Beautiful": " As the particle diagram indicates, Taurus can be viewed as a social transformation of Virgo the Inventor and toolmaker , the transformation being accomplished by the massive cultural center of the diagram, the government.

In this sense, we see public architecture as a complex social tool wielded by government through the collection, allocation, and regulation of public funds and plans , intended to physically express, give structure to, and facilitate a particular social order.

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Hence the physical features of the public buildings, engineering works, and cities of a society reveal the inner values and motivations of the system which produced them. In our own case, we see the classical Greco-Roman influence everywhere in the domes and columns of our capitol buildings - even an Egyptian influence in the obelisk of the Washington monument.

These are the signs of classical Mediterranean Empire, which included the Colosseum and the institution of slavery, as well as the rule of classical law and reason, democratic and republican principles. In the murderous slums surrounding theses utopian symbols of promise, we see the conflicted personality of our own system, alarming signs that something is wrong with the balance of Venus. In astrology Taurus is the Builder or Architect, and in physics the baryon is the builder and stonemason of the material world, providing the foundation for the electronic superstructure of nature by constructing the compound atomic nuclei of the heavy elements.

In Taurus we find another version of the strong force, distinct from that in Capricorn. See: " The Strong Force ". Remarkably, the double appearance of the strong force in the lower triangle of the Earth-Air hourglass actually has a resonance in the lower triangle of the Fire-Water hourglass, in which the Leo-Cancer pair represents two aspects of the gravitational force.

Leo the Sun represents the symmetry-conserving role of gravitation, converting bound energy "mass" to free energy, while Cancer the Moon represents the entropy-conserving role of gravity, converting space into time. In another resonance between these two diagrams, the ability of the Moon to eclipse the Sun presages the gravitational black hole and even Hawking's "quantum radiance", while the radioactive decay of heavy atomic nuclei in Taurus presages the "proton decay" of baryons in Capricorn.

The "nucleon" is a combined state of both the proton and neutron within a compound atomic nucleus, a resonance or superposition of these particles. Because in the combined state the baryons can share their load of "parasitic" virtual mesons, a significant reduction of their total bound energy is possible. This reduced energy is the "binding energy" of the atomic nucleus released in nuclear fusion.

Triple Scorpio Compatibility

If two protons and two neutrons combine, they can position themselves at the corners of a tetrahedron in which all partners are equidistant. In the tetrahedral configuration meson exchange is especially efficient, as each proton has two equidistant neutrons to play the round-robin exchange game with, and vice versa. This 4-baryon tetrahedron is the alpha particle or helium nucleus, an especially tightly bound and favored nuclear configuration the "brick" of the nucleosynthetic pathway , and it is easy to see why. The exchange of mesons between neutron and proton is exactly the "sharing of differences" that epitomizes the third stage of the General Systems model.

It leads directly to the 4x3 tetrahedral bonding of the alpha particle 4 nucleons each of 3 quarks , and thence to the carbon atom - 3 alpha particles each of 4 nucleons; and so on up the nucleosynthetic pathway to oxygen and beyond, in alpha particle increments. See: " The Fractal Organization of Nature ".

By this means the formation of "nucleons" all the elements of the periodic table are produced, some with nuclear combinations containing well over baryons protons plus neutrons. The nucleus of U, for example, a well-known isotope of uranium, the 92nd and heaviest natural element, contains 92 protons and neutrons. Without the ability of baryons to fuse together and form complex atomic nuclei, the Universe would consist of hydrogen only, and be utterly devoid of life.

The baryon, through the production of the nuclear species of the periodic table of the elements, provides the basis of elemental diversity upon which the biological realm depends for its existence. The process of element production takes place in the interiors of stars, and is referred to as the nucleosynthetic pathway. The process is very complex, and I touch here only upon its major features and general system properties.

The first step is the most important, the production of helium from hydrogen, the process that fuels our Sun. The helium nucleus contains 2 protons and 2 neutrons, and is referred to as an "alpha" particle meaning first, or most important. The alpha particle is the most stable nuclear combination known, and becomes the nuclear "brick" of the periodic table, as elements containing multiples of alpha particles are energetically favored in the production process; elements with even atomic numbers numbers of protons are more abundant than those with odd numbers atomic mass numbers refer to protons plus neutrons.

The baryon itself is a 4x3 structure, 3 quarks each bearing 4 charges color, number, spin, electric. The alpha particle is also a 4x3 configuration 4 baryons each containing 3 quarks and is therefore of central significance in General Systems theory see: "The Fractal Hierarchy of Nature". The next major step in the nucleosynthetic pathway is carbon, a triple 4x3 nuclear combination 3 alpha particles each containing 4 baryons. Carbon is of course the foundation element for all biochemistry and life, and has in addition to its triple nuclear resonance, a 4x3 structure in its electron shell - 4 valence electrons in the third shell, the only element in the periodic table with both a nuclear and electronic 4x3 resonance.

Carbon exhibits an astonishing fifth 4x3 resonance in its molecular bonding pattern with other carbon atoms, yielding the tetrahedral 4 triangles diamond crystal no wonder diamonds are so highly prized! Beyond iron, element building requires energy rather than yielding energy, taking place mainly during the explosion of supernovas.

Physical Correlates of the Astrological Sun Signs: Earth-Air

Hence with the failure of the 4x3 fractal resonance, we find a corresponding failure in the energy yield. Leptons are produced from the excess mass or binding energy of baryons, "midwifed" by the W; the line connecting baryons and leptons in the particle diagram indicates this relationship.

Of the 92 naturally occurring elements, 21 are commonly found in life forms, another 9 are rare, and another 16 occur but are of unknown function. As in so many other areas, humans have begun to do the work of nature, creating the transuranic or man-made elements about 20 so far. The diversity of elements available to living forms allows for the development of complex structures and specialized functions; we need only think of the heavy iron atom dominating the center of the hemoglobin molecule, and its counterpart, magnesium, organizing the center of the chlorophyll molecule.

The special properties of carbon, with its ability to form complex "organic" linkages, and water, the "universal solvent" which also forms tetrahedral bonds , are well known. The roles of other elemental species include the formation of the principal inorganic and organic compounds of life: hydrogen, oxygen, carbon, nitrogen, sulfur, phosphorous, chlorine, bromine, iodine, and others. The regulation of water exchange and electrical activity involves hydrogen, sodium, potassium, magnesium, calcium, chlorine, sulfur, carbon, oxygen, and perhaps boron.

Skeletal structures utilize silicon, calcium, magnesium, strontium, barium, iron, manganese, aluminum, carbon, phosphorus, fluorine, and others. Elements serving biocatalytic functions include iron, manganese, copper, zinc, calcium, magnesium, molybdenum, cobalt, and possibly gallium, boron, vanadium and scandium.

There is in addition a long list of elements found in life forms whose function is completely unknown source: Encyclopedia Britannica. The point is that without elemental diversity there would not be the possibility of biological diversity; life depends upon the nuclear foundations laid by Taurus, the nucleosynthetic pathway of the stars, and the dispersal of elements into galactic space by multiple generations of supernovas.

And all this depends upon the ability of one quark "species" "flavor" in the parlance of physics to change into another, on the availability of the elementary leptonic field of alternative charge carriers, electrons and neutrinos, as mediated by the "W" IVB and the proclivity of baryons to stick together, share their virtual meson fields, and achieve stable energetic "communities" of "nucleons", built with the "brick" of Taurus, the alpha particle. The complexity of life depends upon the diversity of elements, and for all we know, not a single one is without utility in some physical process somewhere in the Universe.

Without the nucleosynthetic pathway, there would be no life, no Earth, no Sun, no steady source of light from the gradual release of nuclear binding energy as the elements are produced. Our Sun and the stars of the night sky are the furnaces of Taurus, the forge of the elements, dispersed into the galaxy by supernovas, gathered again by gravitation into new stars and planets, and warmed by the same nuclear hearths, brought to life in a grand realization of the very diversity of their properties.

Just as "it takes a whole community to raise a child", it takes a whole universe to produce one. But the living world is the realm of Aquarius and the electron shell, our next and final topic. Perhaps we need here to differentiate the role of Taurus from that of Leo, whose planetary ruler is the Sun. The role of the Sun is not to produce the elements necessary for Earth-life; that function has already been performed in the past by Taurus in the nucleosynthetic forge of many other larger and hotter stars. Just as the electron shell depends upon the atomic nucleus for its existence, so the development of human information systems and institutions depends upon the development of the city; in turn, both cities and information institutions are derived from the central social authority, the government and courts Capricorn-Libra , just as both leptons and baryons are derived from the leptoquark.

This is the translation of the physics of the particle Grail diagram into the terms of human institutions, utilizing the clues provided by the traditional interpretation of the astrological archetypes. The whole development of this lower half of the particle Grail diagram is fed from above by Virgo manual dexterity and technological invention and Gemini abstract thought and symbolic representation. The dynamic structure of the particle diagram is therefore in Norbert Wiener's cybernetic terms: energetic "inputs" of technology and symbology from the top; structural "thruputs" of legal and political or religious social organization at the center; product "outputs" in terms of cities, commerce and industry, and information, communication, and educational systems at the bottom.

Aquarius corresponds physically not so much to the elementary leptonic particles themselves which actually belong to Gemini , but to the atomic electron shell and the orbitals which the electrons occupy, including chemical combinations, permutations, and interactions with other atomic shells. The true Aquarian content of human relevance is the information represented by these shells and their molecular combinations.

The electron shell is not simply a collection of electrons whizzing willy-nilly around an atomic nucleus; it is a very highly structured and regulated system, resulting in the systematic and predictable expression of chemical properties seen in the periodic table of the elements. It is just this stable structural aspect of the electron shell that allows it to carry and accumulate, through its combinations with other shells, vast stores of information.

Living systems are more than just huge collections of connected electron shells; they are great systems of information, coordinated and interactive, united for a single purpose - system survival, reproduction, adaptation, and evolution. The Aquarian electron shell is the physical information system that forms the elemental basis of the mystery of life.

In Taurus, the realm of the atomic nucleus, we saw that nuclear reactions were the controlling interactions in stars, where element-building takes place following the nucleosynthetic pathway. But nuclear interactions are very high-energy reactions, requiring an environment typically found only in the interior of stars. In such circumstances the electron shells of atoms are stripped away and are of little or no consequence in the construction of the nuclear information system of the heavy elements.

In the cold, low-energy environment of planets, however, it is the electron shell that resumes the work of information building. We have two parallel, interconnected, and interdependent information systems building up through the evolutionary development of stars and galaxies, one in the atomic nucleus and one in its electron shell. The information they contain is the physical basis of all that is to follow in the evolutionary pathway to life and human thought - emergent properties of these information systems.

The Planets

But what is the physical purpose of information systems? Physically, the universe is dedicated to returning its energy content to its most symmetric state, light, and light, due to its symmetric state of intrinsic motion, is dedicated to expanding its spatial domain, which by energy conservation, results in cooling. In the Cosmic thermodynamic drive toward the total entropy of cold light, we have to wonder if information building, which constitutes an apparently separate thermodynamic realm - since it is essentially anti-entropic and against the main thrust of physical cosmic evolution - is anything more than an eddy, a countercurrent downstream of the rock of matter in the universal thermodynamic flow to paraphrase the great Chardin.

Is the accumulation of information just random turbulence, or is it purposeful? The information stored in the charges of matter is in fact the very information the Universe needs to return matter to the symmetric state of light in either the presence or absence of antimatter - hence information systems are fundamentally necessary to the success of the thermodynamic drive toward total entropy.

The nucleosynthetic pathway, the process of proton decay, and the quantum radiance of black holes are primary examples of this fact - they require the information contained in charges to make them "work", as do matter-antimatter annihilations. The charges of matter are the symmetry debts of light. The Universe comes with an information system built into its elementary material structure; matter is both a storehouse of energy and a storehouse of information, right down to the 6 species of quarks and their incredible gluon field, and the various leptons electrons, neutrinos, and their kin which facilitate the transformation of one quark into another.

See: " The Tetrahedron Model ". Matter is not just mass; it is energy stored in a package of very specific information - cleverly, intricately, complexly, marvelously wrought; the lowly atom is the absolute masterwork of First Cause and the Creation Event. The thermodynamic purpose of the Universe is to return the energy of the proton, the hydrogen nucleus, to the symmetric state of the light which formed it, but the Universe is so arranged that this cannot be done in normal stars except by climbing up the information ladder of the nucleosynthetic pathway, boosted along by the energy input of gravitation.

But this is a slow process, and along the way information is building up and creating an inverse, anti-entropic realm all its own, aided and abetted by the very energy which seeks ultimately to destroy it, not only by the gravitational push up the nucleosynthetic pathway in stars, but also in the planetary environment where the electron shell builds information from the solar energy released by this same process of element-building as in photosynthesis. Although the atomic nucleus takes the prize for its combination of incredible complexity combined with incredible energy, the electron shell is also a marvel of construction, and is capable of storing much more information, as it has a much greater capacity for combination.

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